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Agriculture Marketing and its importance

Agri Marketing

Agricultural marketing or agri marketing implies that agriculture and marketing in two areas. Agriculture is the process of producing goods by increasing crops. While marketing is an activity used to sell these products, the term combined agricultural marketing plays a major role in the movement of agricultural products from a farm to the consumer.

In general, agricultural marketing is composed of two processes of marketing of inputs and marketing of products, the marketing of inputs concerns the marketing of agricultural inputs to farmers, such as fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery, diesel, electricity, etc., while the marketing of products concerns the marketing agricultural products and movement. Come from farmers, primary traders, wholesalers, importers, exporters and retailers. Thus, agricultural marketing can be generally defined as the combination of all activities, from farmers’ supply inputs to agricultural products from farm to consumer.

Let’s discuss the new role of agricultural marketing while comparing with traditional agricultural marketing practices. In recent decades, agricultural marketing has grown tremendously due to several factors some of which are the increase in the supply of agricultural products, the increase in urbanization, the increase in income levels, increased exports to foreign markets; and changes in the degree of government intervention in agricultural markets. Thus, the new role of agricultural marketing begins with the decision on what to produce, what variety to produce and how to prepare the product for marketing.

1) Optimization of the use of resources and management of outings

Optimization of resource use and production management is an efficient agricultural marketing system leads to optimal use of resources. By increasing the market surplus. It also implies that modern field inputs reach a sustainable growth rate in the agricultural sector.

2) Increase in farm income

Increasing farm incomes is an efficient marketing system controls the number of intermediaries in the marketing process and ensures maximum income for farmers. This requires farmers to deal directly with the retailer concerned.

3) Broadening of markets

Market enlargement is an efficient and well-known marketing system that definitively widens their product market across the country and even outside the country. This will indirectly increase the demand for their product and provide higher income for farmers.

4) Growth of agro-industries

Agro-industries growth a very efficient marketing system. Helps to develop the number of agro-industrial industries and encourages the process of economic development. Raley’s agro-industrial industries such as cotton jute and sugar depend directly on agriculture for the supply of raw materials.

5) Price signals

Prices indicate that a good marketing system helps farmers plan their agricultural production according to the needs of the economy. This is done by transmitting price signals.

6) Adoption and diffusion of new technologies

The adoption and diffusion of new technologies is an effective marketing system that helps farmers adopt upgrading technologies for their farming processes.

7) Job creation

Since this marketing system requires multiple processes such as packaging, transportation, distribution, it offers various job opportunities such as commission, personnel regulators, retailers, etc.

8) Addition to national income

Adding to the national is an income by marketing the products appropriately, the value and the selling capacity of the product increase. This increases the gross national product which is the GNP.

9) Live better

Better living the marketing activity not only increases the economy of the farmer and his family but also helps the poor who want to consume their food products at low prices and thus improve their lives.

10) Creation of the utility

Utility creation because we know that the marketing system adds value to the product. But in addition to this marketing system also adds four types of utilities to the product that they are

Form utility

By changing the shapes of agricultural products, it becomes more useful than its original shape

Play utility

   Since the main function of the marketing system is to move transport products from one place to another and to create a utility for the products.

Time utility

Another storage function adds time utility to the product and continues to avail products whenever a need arises.

Positioning utility

   Since the main reason for marketing is to buy and sell each neighbouring product has a wide position utility.

   We can conclude this topic by saying that agricultural marketing not only encourages the economy of farmers but also accelerates the pace of the economy of our country.


Fruits and vegetable market



20 profitable agricultural related businesses ideas:

1. Manufacturing of agricultural machines or equipment as well as related spare parts.

 2. Fruit juices jams and jellies production

3. Beekeeping as well as honey processing business

 4. Potato chips making business

5. Making different types of cheese

6. An oil extraction plant for vegetable oils as well as oils from flowers

 7. Start manufacturing of irrigation system and its parts

 8. Fertilizer production

9.  Setting up a food processing business for example making peanut butter and other kinds of wastes

10. Setting up a rice processing business

 11. Corn processing business

 12. A great wine production business

13. Fruits as well as vegetable farming

 14. Dairy farming as well

 15. Growing flowers

16. Consider cashew processing business

17. Start mushroom farming

18. Potato farming

 19. Starting up a poultry form business

20. Making spices


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