Advantages and Disadvantages

Online learning is a type of learning directed over the Internet.

“Online education is electronically upheld learning that depends on the Internet for educator/student cooperation and the circulation of class materials.”

It involves various Advantages and Disadvantages -:


Advantages of online class

1.       Cost benefits

The physical education system is significantly more costly than online education, due to related expenses and cash spent on driving.

Online-based learning cuts a considerable lot of these expenses, incorporating those related to recruiting a teacher, booking an office, printing materials, and travel.

2.       Improve skills

To finish an online course, you have to know something about PCs. since you need to explore different learning frameworks and diverse different projects.

Online-based learning allows everyone to learn at their own speed, which helps to explore more data. If somebody needs additional time with a specific subject, they can experience it as gradually and the same number of times as they need.

3.       Better Environment

Students don’t need to interact with the personnel or colleagues, they can wear whatever they like during study meetings. Students additionally don’t need to stress over traffic, stopping, going home early, or missing family commitment. They can sit in their own comfort zones.

Parents may look over the shoulder of an online student while they are surfing over the web.  Everybody in the family unit engages in learning. Having the help of your loved ones makes you bound to succeed.

4.       Ease  of share

With printed materials, the best way to stay aware of data and information changes is to reprint the material , and it would be very expensive including cost of paper, service charge etc., But in online classes, it is simple. Just only need to share the copy.

Best of all, any change you make to your online substance turns out to be promptly accessible to your entire learning crowd.

5.       More attention

Since you have immediate contact with the teacher through email, chats you can get your inquiries addressed directly. Many students aren’t happy with approaching inquiries in class. The Internet solves that problem. When you think about a question after class or while you are studying, maybe that can send as an email to the teacher. That will increase your understandings.



1.       Network issues

Many students are not given the high data transmission or the constant network that online courses require, and therefore fail to find their virtual cohorts. Their unstable screens make it difficult to follow the Course and their learning experience gets dangerous.

 Many students are living away from cities and they are struggling to get internet Network.  I happened to see many peoples sitting on the roofs of their houses to get the internet.   It is one of the main disadvantages of online learning classes.

2.       Isolated Feel

In an online course, some inconvenience for students. Studying alone with just the PC and telephones as your partner can make you feel isolated. There’s no murmuring in the room, no insightful comments, no ordering nearness at the front of the homeroom arguing for everybody to tune in.  An email to a friend, your teacher, or a guide can assist you with feeling better associated if the feeling of network you look for is missing.

3.       Requires more Time

Online learning is text-based. To speak with your teacher, you should type messages, post reactions, and in any case convey messages by typing. Typing is slower than talking. In a similar sense, reading your talk materials can take additional time than listening to an educator to convey them. While sitting in a classroom, all things considered, you’ll miss a decent level of what the teacher says, regardless of how concentrated you are. Its human instinct to daydream for brief timeframes. That will affect your understandings.

4.       Technology Based

Online-based learning utilizes a lot of technologies. Bunches of them were made particularly for it and others just supplemented the studying process. There are numerous technologies that work in various ways. Such as PowerPoint, screen sharing, whiteboard, etc. It permits us to include some graphically rich and top-notch content.

It is essential to ensure whether the students are good at learning online and whether they have a suitable arrangement for online-based learning. Many students are not having phones and, it is very difficult for those students to learn online.

5.       Lack Practical Based learning

Online-based learning is theory-based and needs practice-based learning. Theoretical information refers to realities, speculations, and thinking while practical knowledge depends on hands-on tries and tasks. It can’t be transfer practical knowledge, just getting out on the field can do that.


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