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Private and Public Network safety

Public vs. Private Networking

What is Public Network?


Public network is defined as general public can use the internet without entering any password and other restriction. For the technical terms there is no difference but only the difference is security terms. In private Wi-Fi network, there is much more security and it is encrypted so anyone can use it accordingly.


Sign in page pop ups  

In most of the public Wi-Fi networks also has Wi-Fi sign in pages, so don’t get confused and sign in immediately. That doesn’t mean that particular Wi-Fi is secured because they have their own policies and rules and without knowing all those you should not sign in.

 Is it Safe to use?

Using this Wi-Fi many hackers can also enter to your device and they can access any data in your device and they can manipulate your files. Even they can give false signals, what websites you are visiting and what kind of transaction you are doing everything. We can’t deny the fact that many shops, Airports, Railways they are using public Wi-Fi without any problems. So, it is all about who is providing that.

You can Use Public Wi-Fi with some tips:

1.     HTTPS

HTTPS is the first thing you should consider while entering to the website.  It is connection between your browser and server. If you see it as http it is less safe compared to https. Https is an encrypted version of http.

If you are visiting website with the https it encrypt your data. So, when some hackers comes to your device they won’t able to see your login and credit details instead it shows some characters. It is not easy for them to access to your device.


2.     VPN

Yes right VPN is also act as a security, it also encrypt your data, and scramble so hackers may not understand what you are doing. It is a type of tunnel where there is no chance of penetrating into the network.

VPN is a private network so you can use this in any devices such as laptop, mobiles while using the public Wi-Fi. It also prevent your data such as emails, Logins, download information etc.


3.     Avoid all sharing 

Avoid all kind of sharing and airdrops while you are using public Wi-Fi .if you are sharing something from one device to other then there is more chance to get hacked. Because while sharing, anyone can penetrate into your device with their tools. So, turn of the network and sharing option immediately.


4.     Use updated software

While using any kind of software make sure it is updated. Because old apps, outdated apps can easily been exposed to attackers. You can use game apps, but make sure it is download it from authority sites likes playstore.


Is there any Advantages for public network?

 Yes, there are lots of advantages like fast connectivity. Most of the public Wi-Fi are very fast.

Also it has high bandwidth, low operating cost etc.


What is Private Network?

In private networks it automatically controls the traffic and always enables you to browse everything safely. Different tools of private Network can control access to it can work encrypt your date effectively.

Private networks are privately owned, so there is no monthly charges. In addition to that they have a good backup power and repair your network when needed which allows you to configure easily and users can experience better and long access.


What is the advantage of private network?

Its advantages includes:

·   No monthly charges

·        More secured

·        Encrypted

·        Customize easily

·        Better Network availability


We cannot easily tell that Private networks are also safe because anyone who access to your Wi-Fi password they can enter to your networks without your permission.


In order to secure you Network you can do:


1.      Change password credentials

Default passwords should avoid, it may be easily visible in router change the admin username password in order to prevent anyone entering to your network and change their password themselves.


2.     Improve Encryption 

There are some freely available tools can easily hack your network. So it is necessary to improve the encryption. Different Wi-Fi protectors are WEP, WPA, and WPA 2. From this protections, most used and secure one is WPA 2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2). If you need extra protection use WPA2 AES which is the strengthen version of WPA 2. It uses AES cipher to protect all transmission and encryption which makes impossible to crack your network.



Disadvantages of Private Network are:


·        Slower speed

·        Less Bandwidth

·        High cost while installing


So, we conclude that both Public and private networks have their own pros and cons. If you want any better, fast network then we can use public networks. But use some security measures before accessing to the network. If you want a safe, encrypted network use private network which allows you a better and safe experience than public networking. Better networking requires better securities, so in the modern world no networking is safe but you can prevent it by giving different protection to those networks.



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