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Private Browsing Modes

                        Private Browsing


Private browsing is a kind of private space for many browsers. It is a separate part of the browser where it is different from your main browser. It is to prevent data and history sections from others who are using the same browser. We can easily browse the web without storing the data. Here browsers won’t store the cookies and site deletes everything by closing the keeps the browser history empty.

Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft edge, internet explorer, etc. all of them have the private mode.


Is it that much safer?

No, in private browsing whatever you search can be monitored by your ISP (internet service provider) and by the Government. They can easily check your access website and Location.

Private browsing are just only skipping your search history, caches, and cookies from your device, externally anyone can track easily.

Private browsing modes is only to protect you from others tracking online activity from the browser you are using.

It only blocks your device from recalling your data. So, don’t think it as a great tool for any violations, because it can be tracked by the IP address.

Browsers like Firefox providing additional features of the “Tracking Protection” feature to control the use of web trackers.

Your usually visited sites appearing on the address bar or search area can be hidden with the help of private browsing.

Whatever you searched in private browsing will not appear as suggestions.

You can still sign in any accounts or even multiply accounts without any problems.

You can search for anything in your browser even any sensitive topics. At closing the browser window, it will automatically delete and you can’t roll back to those sites again with its history.

When you are logged in any areas such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail with private browsing you are not anonymous those are server-based. Cookies and tracking data might be deleted when your session over but it will not delete your activities whatever you have done in those sites.

They can see your working in your social networks and adjust the advertisements accordingly.


Private Mode Enable in Browsers


1.     Internet Explorer  


Step 1: Go to Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Ctrl+Shift+P




Step 1: Internet Explorer browser.

Step 2: settings icon from the upper right.

Step 3: Find Safety.


Step 4: Click InPrivate Browsing.

Step 5: InPrivate selector.


2.     Chrome 


Step 1: Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Ctrl+Shift+N.




Step 1: Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click the Chrome  menu icon.

Step 3: Select incognito.


3.     Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 2: Ctrl+Shift+P.




Step 1: Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 2: Click 3 dots.

Step 3: New InPrivate window.


4.     Opera


Step 1: Opera browser.

Step 2: Ctrl+Shift+N keys.




Step 1: Opera browser.

Step 2: Click Menu button.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select new private window.



5.     Safari

Step 1: Safari browser.

Step 2: Click Safari Gear

Select Private Browsing.

Click OK.


6.     Safari users (iPad and iPhone)


Step 1: Safari browser.

Step 2: Tap New tab

Step 3: Tap the Private option.


Note: To exit from the Private mode, click and launch the normal Browser.




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