Twitter announces a new feature called Communities,  will it challenge other giants?

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Communities are groupings of people who share a common interest. Invitations are required to join and create a community.

Anyone can read what’s being said in a Twitter Community because it’s open and public. In addition, anyone outside of the community can report the community if the community violates the rules of engagement.

However, only members of the community are able to contribute to the debates.Communities, according to Twitter, are a method to encourage good discussions.

The concept of communities was questioned by some on Twitter, who claimed that it would lead to opinion barriers where everyone agrees, creating a groupthink that reinforces and hardens points of view.

The community can be joined or created by any Twitter user with a public profile.

Potential community starters must fill out an interest form located here because the Community feature is in limited testing phase.

Introducing Communities, Twitter has finally found a means to become more competitive in the social media space. In addition, members can use a community tool to connect with others who share their interests and chat issues of interest.

Twitter will also appoint moderators to each Community. In addition, they can invite others to engage in the conversation. To join a Community, Twitter users will need to be invited via direct message.

On Twitter’s part, the experiment builds on its attempts to make it easier for its users to find tweets about things they’re interested in, such as sports. Following a certain topic on Twitter is already possible. To encourage more “intimate” talks on its site through the Communities section, but the technology could potentially make content control more difficult.


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