How to Enable amazing google dark mode?

Enable google dark mode

Google has finally released a dark mode for desktop Search. A system-wide dark mode was first offered by Google with Android 10 in 2019. It was announced in May of last year that Google’s Search apps on Android and iOS would have a night mode.

On Google’s Support page, a post announced the new look settings. It is now possible to choose between three different appearance settings: Device default, Dark or Light. Also highlighted in the post was the fact that the new Dark Mode options began rolling out to users on September 9 and would be made available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Search to learn more.

Search settings can be found by clicking the Settings link at lower right of the page.

Choose a theme from the drop-down menu under Appearance on the left.

There are three options: Normal (which is the default), Dark (which enables dark mode), or Device Default (which is set to the default setting for whichever operating system is currently being used).

(Settings – Search – Appearance. From there, you’ll be able to pick between two modes: Light and Dark)

It’s easy to switch to Dark Mode by clicking on a shortcut icon that looks like a sun icon. As a simple toggle, users can turn on or off the Dark Mode.

Chrome dark mode on the PC

Chrome doesn’t offer an official dark mode on desktop (though it might appear soon), but it does honour your system settings on Windows and macOS. It’s easy to alter the default theme on a PC or Mac by going into the Settings menu, Personalization, and then Colors. Chrome will then modify its colour scheme to reflect what you want it to look like.

This will offer the ability to maintain Google Search’s appearance settings in sync with their computer’s default theme, which will be especially handy if users have configured an automatic timer for turning on and off Dark Mode. In the Dark Mode, the minimal contrast ratio essential for readability is maintained, which reduces eye strain.

Search pages such as Google’s homepage, search results page, and search settings will all be touched by the theme change.

Chrome dark mode on Android and ios

In just a few steps, you can enable Chrome’s official dark mode on Android. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of Chrome for Android, then hit the three-dot menu and select Settings > Themes. If dark mode is enabled at the system level, you can select Dark or System default. The iOS 14 system theme will be your only option if you’re using an iPhone or iPad.

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