Hacked Computers and Laptops


 Hacked Computers and Laptops



The main meaning of the name hacker is somebody who uses a PC/laptop/any other device framework to increase unapproved access to another system for information or who makes another framework inaccessible. These programmers will use their abilities for a particular objective, for example, taking cash, picking up credits by hacking a system, or making a system inaccessible. In any case, there are different unique kinds of hackers such as White Hat Hacking, Black Hat Hacking, Gray Hat Hacking, each with a specific objective, and not all are the trouble makers.

Nobody is safe to hacking, which is the reason it’s essential to protect our self from any interventions from hackers to access your own data.

When you are browsing the web from an open Wi-Fi network, try to utilize a VPN to keep hackers from getting to your information. Try not to tap on any connections or open any connections got in doubtful messages or private messages sent to you from others. Before you enter your secret phrase or financial balance information into an online platform, check twice the location to ensure that you’re on the correct page. Like, just enter your information on scrambled sites and utilize virtual input tools when accessible.

How to protect your system from Hackers

1.      Use antivirus

The main reason for antivirus programming is, obviously, to give a protection to your system from getting virus. It does this by examining downloads and connections for virus, and by running in background when the client is using internet. If the client goes over an infection, the program will caution the person and give them the option to avoid the virus.

It not only protects our system from virus, from hackers too.it gives certain protections such as:


1.      Phishing protection 

Phishing is perhaps the most straightforward type of cyber crime, all that they have to penetrate each part of person’s home and working lives.

The main method of this tricks is- targets may be fooled by clicking a connection through to a site page with the point of convincing them client to enter individual data. 

2.      Ransomware protection 

Ransomware is a kind of malware that denies access to your system and individual data, and requests a ransom to get your entrance back.

 paying doesn’t guarantee that you can get to.


3.      Proactive defence

The proactive security restricts the movement of unknown and malignant code. it blocks different Trojan virus.


4.      Online Shopping 

Antivirus helps online shopping more safely. When you are shopping through online you may use your credit details, passwords for the payment. If you use antivirus it gives you an extra protection to you and avoid getting hacked.


5.      It protects your shared connections from virus attacks and attackers.

And many more…………



2.      Create a Strong Password


if a hacker finds passwords, they could access your online accounts, ledgers, messages and other records that hold your private, individual information. if somebody gets access to this data, you could turn into a target of big fraud. In this manner, making a solid secret password is necessary.

Try to create passwords with combinations of letters, numbers, symbols etc. so it makes hackers difficult to identify your password.

And create passwords without any common linking with you such as example: passwords similar to your name, your company etc. should avoid.

Never write down your name in a paper which is easily accessible to other peoples.

And if you are using any public devices such as coffee shops, internet cafe etc. never saves your username and password.

3.      Keep firewall ON

A firewall is a tool that gives an organized security by checking all network-based activities with a user defined rule.  a firewall is to avoid or dispose of the undesirable system communications.

firewalls give a basic layer of security that, joined with different measures, keeps away from getting your system from virus/hackers.

You can arrange your firewall to regulate correspondence between your server and another. This firewall filters the unknown IP address, websites and block them instantly.

So as to increase the security advantages of a firewall, you have to find out the manners in which other systems connect with your server, make certain rules to allow traffic. Likewise, as a server commonly needs to start its own active traffic for different reasons—for downloading updates or interfacing with a database—it is essential to remember those cases for your active guideline set too.

4.      Choose best Browser

A best browser helps to stop outsider tools, similar to cookies. cookies gather your private data, similar to the sites you’ve visited, usernames and passwords and other following information. if you select a better browser it doesn’t share your personality, details, your movements. Regardless of whether you utilize a VPN, you’re just concealing your IP address, area and the information on the way.

It gives information regarding the sites you are visiting and if it is not a protected site then browser gives you a pop-up message telling that it is not safe.

If you use a non https website that also you can see from the browser. Try to visit https websites because it gives more security than non https.

Another thing is flash cookies, it is very difficult to find out if you are using a good browser then it contains an option of deleting all cookies.


5.      Review privacy Settings

Your devices are constantly updating by developers so keep checking on your devices and its permissions before accepting or allowing anything. Check all your application and confidential data which is protected or not. If it is not protected properly then you can delete if required or modify it.

6.      Make good browsing

·         Always use https websites

·         Block Pop ups, because Pop-ups are a most loved road for hackers to access PCs. They can affect your device with a malware by link, downloading software, email etc.

·         Download from trusted website is the other important thing. Because lot of cracked apps and files are available everywhere, if you download those files then there are more chance to get hacked. Always scan your device with any Antivirus after your downloads.

·         In case you don’t know whether a website is secure, confirm it first with online web page checking service. Never run any unknown files or software, hackers utilize different methods to attract traffic.


What  to do after your system gets Hacked


1.      Reset your Passwords 

If you find a breach on your device immediately change your password. This is the first step we can do, otherwise hacker itself change your password and they will kick you out. In order to avoid that change the passwords with some complicated letters and other combinations of numbers and symbols. Not only the password of system including your social networking passwords (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and credit details.


2.      Update your Programs

Whatever programs you are installed in your system should be immediately updated because old version programs may have security threads. And run a malware scan with any Antivirus software for any visible threads and if it is visible, you can take action against those threads.


3.      Log out from accounts

If you are already logged in any of the social networks or other accounts you have to log off of the accounts before someone else accessing to it. Once they found your social network account, they can do any manipulations in your accounts.


4.      Enable Two Factor Authentication

This is a very important step; here you can set two factor authentications. It gives a security by the user name and password and give protection to your device. You should make a habit of enabling this service wherever it is available. Because it gives you 2 layers of protection. Sites like Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. are giving this service for their users free.


5.      Disconnect your internet connection

If you are disconnecting your device with internet, hackers may not able to get full access to your device. It will cut down the connection with the hacker’s server. Most of the hackers are working with their personal servers if you disconnect it, will reduce their chances to penetrate to your system. It is similar to the SIM card if you Turn it ON it will easily be tracked, likewise if you turn your internet ON will easily be tracked.


6.      Back Up and Reset Device 

Backup your all personal files and rest your device will help you to remove the unused and malicious software that might cause you a thread. You have option to backup your files to One drive, Cloud, hard disk, any other devices and reset everything. You can see the Reset option in troubleshoot area.


7.      Clean your Hard drive

If nothing works well you have an option to clean your hard drive. But all files including your operating system will wipe out. You should reinstall your Operating system again.  Manually you can delete but recommended to do a full wipe. So, any hidden threads all can be removed.


8.      Inform Everyone 

If your device gets hacked, it’s necessary that you tell your friends and relatives immediately, the hacker may say that you are in some different country and were looted, and that you need cash. Since your friends will feel that the messages are truly originating from you. In order to avoid those things, should intimate to your contacts.


9.      Check all your Credit Statements

Main reasons why hackers hack Internet accounts is to steel cash. If they have any access to your credit details that can buy anything with your details. for example, if they get into your wallet, they will attempt to move cash to an account which they have.

You should inform your bank, or other money related establishment. Check your account details if any deduction of money unknowingly. so always check your accounts and never share any OTP with anyone.


10.  Call a Professional

If you are still not able to detect or identify your problems. You can call a professional according with the impact happened in your device. They can identify your threads with their Software and other tools. Also, they can keep your account safely.


Signs that your Computer Hacked


1.      Device slows down and Freezing 

It is the first sign you may see that your device starts to get slow down and freezes. Because spywares and other malwares can slow down your system. If you check for an antivirus scan could possibly find your threads. If you see any black screen frequently it may be some kind of virus intervention. So, always keep any eye on the device and changes happening in your device. If it is a small change also you need to take proper care because it will impact later.


2.      Unknown programs installed

You could see some unknown, malicious software in your system which you have not installed.  This is also a sign of your device being hacked by someone. It may be entering to your device from any malware which comes up with your software.


3.      Pop Ups

This is also a sign of a system being hacked or infected by virus. if you see irritating pop-ups in your internet browser, frequently flash ads and other pop ups in your screen. it has to be treated properly. It may happen because you have installed some virus attached with your software or you entered in a site which contains virus.


4.      Emails

Main reasons why hackers hack Internet accounts is to steal cash. If they have any access to your credit details that can buy anything with your details. for example, if they get into your wallet, they will attempt to move cash to an account which they have.

You should inform your bank, or other money related establishment. Always check your account details if any deduction of money unknowingly. so always check your accounts and never share any OTP with anyone.


5.      Antivirus problem 

Hackers can disable your antivirus or against malware and make it hard to re-empower them. sometimes you notice that your antivirus has out of nowhere quit working and you can’t open the Task Manager appropriately, almost certainly, your framework has been tainted with malware.



Private Browsing Modes

private mode

                           Private Browsing


Private browsing is a kind of private space for many browsers. It is a separate part of the browser where it is different from your main browser. It is to prevent data and history sections from others who are using the same browser. We can easily browse the web without storing the data. Here browsers won’t store the cookies and site information.it deletes everything by closing the window.it keeps the browser history empty.

Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft edge, internet explorer, etc. all of them have the private mode.


Is it that much safer?

No, in private browsing whatever you search can be monitored by your ISP (internet service provider) and by the Government. They can easily check your access website and Location.

Private browsing are just only skipping your search history, caches, and cookies from your device, externally anyone can track easily.

Private browsing modes is only to protect you from others tracking online activity from the browser you are using.

It only blocks your device from recalling your data. So, don’t think it as a great tool for any violations, because it can be tracked by the IP address.

Browsers like Firefox providing additional features of the “Tracking Protection” feature to control the use of web trackers.

Your usually visited sites appearing on the address bar or search area can be hidden with the help of private browsing.

Whatever you searched in private browsing will not appear as suggestions.

You can still sign in any accounts or even multiply accounts without any problems.

You can search for anything in your browser even any sensitive topics. At closing the browser window, it will automatically delete and you can’t roll back to those sites again with its history.

When you are logged in any areas such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail with private browsing you are not anonymous those are server-based. Cookies and tracking data might be deleted when your session over but it will not delete your activities whatever you have done in those sites.

They can see your working in your social networks and adjust the advertisements accordingly.


Private Mode Enable in Browsers


1.     Internet Explorerstraight2fact  


Step 1: Go to Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Ctrl+Shift+P




Step 1: Internet Explorer browser.

Step 2: settings icon from the upper right.

Step 3: Find Safety.


Step 4: Click InPrivate Browsing.

Step 5: InPrivate selector.


2.     Chrome straight2fact


Step 1: Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Ctrl+Shift+N.




Step 1: Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click the Chrome straight2fact menu icon.

Step 3: Select incognito.


3.     Microsoft Edgestraight2fact 

Step 1: Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 2: Ctrl+Shift+P.




Step 1: Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 2: Click 3 straight2fact dots.

Step 3: New InPrivate window.


4.     Opera


Step 1: Opera browser.

Step 2: Ctrl+Shift+N keys.




Step 1: Opera browser.

Step 2: Click Menu button.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select new private window.



5.     Safaristraight2fact

Step 1: Safari browser.

Step 2: Click Safari Gear

Select Private Browsing.

Click OK.


6.     Safari users (iPad and iPhone)


Step 1: Safari browser.

Step 2: Tap New tab

Step 3: Tap the Private option.


Note: To exit from the Private mode, click and launch the normal Browser.



Private and Public Network safety


Public vs. Private Networking

What is Public Network?


Public network is defined as general public can use the internet without entering any password and other restriction. For the technical terms there is no difference but only the difference is security terms. In private Wi-Fi network, there is much more security and it is encrypted so anyone can use it accordingly.


Sign in page pop ups  

In most of the public Wi-Fi networks also has Wi-Fi sign in pages, so don’t get confused and sign in immediately. That doesn’t mean that particular Wi-Fi is secured because they have their own policies and rules and without knowing all those you should not sign in.

 Is it Safe to use?

Using this Wi-Fi many hackers can also enter to your device and they can access any data in your device and they can manipulate your files. Even they can give false signals, what websites you are visiting and what kind of transaction you are doing everything. We can’t deny the fact that many shops, Airports, Railways they are using public Wi-Fi without any problems. So, it is all about who is providing that.

You can Use Public Wi-Fi with some tips:

1.     HTTPS

HTTPS is the first thing you should consider while entering to the website.  It is connection between your browser and server. If you see it as http it is less safe compared to https. Https is an encrypted version of http.

If you are visiting website with the https it encrypt your data. So, when some hackers comes to your device they won’t able to see your login and credit details instead it shows some characters. It is not easy for them to access to your device.


2.     VPN

Yes right VPN is also act as a security, it also encrypt your data, and scramble so hackers may not understand what you are doing. It is a type of tunnel where there is no chance of penetrating into the network.

VPN is a private network so you can use this in any devices such as laptop, mobiles while using the public Wi-Fi. It also prevent your data such as emails, Logins, download information etc.


3.     Avoid all sharing 

Avoid all kind of sharing and airdrops while you are using public Wi-Fi .if you are sharing something from one device to other then there is more chance to get hacked. Because while sharing, anyone can penetrate into your device with their tools. So, turn of the network and sharing option immediately.


4.     Use updated software

While using any kind of software make sure it is updated. Because old apps, outdated apps can easily been exposed to attackers. You can use game apps, but make sure it is download it from authority sites likes playstore.


Is there any Advantages for public network?

 Yes, there are lots of advantages like fast connectivity. Most of the public Wi-Fi are very fast.

Also it has high bandwidth, low operating cost etc.



What is Private Network?

In private networks it automatically controls the traffic and always enables you to browse everything safely. Different tools of private Network can control access to internet.so it can work encrypt your date effectively.

Private networks are privately owned, so there is no monthly charges. In addition to that they have a good backup power and repair your network when needed which allows you to configure easily and users can experience better and long access.


What is the advantage of private network?

Its advantages includes:

·   No monthly charges

·        More secured

·        Encrypted

·        Customize easily

·        Better Network availability


We cannot easily tell that Private networks are also safe because anyone who access to your Wi-Fi password they can enter to your networks without your permission.


In order to secure you Network you can do:


1.      Change password credentials

Default passwords should avoid, it may be easily visible in router devices.so change the admin username password in order to prevent anyone entering to your network and change their password themselves.


2.     Improve Encryption 

There are some freely available tools can easily hack your network. So it is necessary to improve the encryption. Different Wi-Fi protectors are WEP, WPA, and WPA 2. From this protections, most used and secure one is WPA 2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2). If you need extra protection use WPA2 AES which is the strengthen version of WPA 2. It uses AES cipher to protect all transmission and encryption which makes impossible to crack your network.



Disadvantages of Private Network are:


·        Slower speed

·        Less Bandwidth

·        High cost while installing


So, we conclude that both Public and private networks have their own pros and cons. If you want any better, fast network then we can use public networks. But use some security measures before accessing to the network. If you want a safe, encrypted network use private network which allows you a better and safe experience than public networking. Better networking requires better securities, so in the modern world no networking is safe but you can prevent it by giving different protection to those networks.


Online Learning Facts

Online learning and all about

Advantages and Disadvantages


Online learning is a type of learning directed over the Internet.

“Online education is electronically upheld learning that depends on the Internet for educator/student cooperation and the circulation of class materials.”

It involves various Advantages and Disadvantages -:


Advantages of online class

1.       Cost benefits

The physical education system is significantly more costly than online education, due to related expenses and cash spent on driving.

Online-based learning cuts a considerable lot of these expenses, incorporating those related to recruiting a teacher, booking an office, printing materials, and travel.

2.       Improve skills

To finish an online course, you have to know something about PCs. since you need to explore different learning frameworks and diverse different projects.

Online-based learning allows everyone to learn at their own speed, which helps to explore more data. If somebody needs additional time with a specific subject, they can experience it as gradually and the same number of times as they need.

3.       Better Environment

Students don’t need to interact with the personnel or colleagues, they can wear whatever they like during study meetings. Students additionally don’t need to stress over traffic, stopping, going home early, or missing family commitment. They can sit in their own comfort zones.

Parents may look over the shoulder of an online student while they are surfing over the web.  Everybody in the family unit engages in learning. Having the help of your loved ones makes you bound to succeed.

4.       Ease  of share

With printed materials, the best way to stay aware of data and information changes is to reprint the material , and it would be very expensive including cost of paper, service charge etc., But in online classes, it is simple. Just only need to share the copy.

Best of all, any change you make to your online substance turns out to be promptly accessible to your entire learning crowd.

5.       More attention

Since you have immediate contact with the teacher through email, chats you can get your inquiries addressed directly. Many students aren’t happy with approaching inquiries in class. The Internet solves that problem. When you think about a question after class or while you are studying, maybe that can send as an email to the teacher. That will increase your understandings.



1.       Network issues

Many students are not given the high data transmission or the constant network that online courses require, and therefore fail to find their virtual cohorts. Their unstable screens make it difficult to follow the Course and their learning experience gets dangerous.

 Many students are living away from cities and they are struggling to get internet Network.  I happened to see many peoples sitting on the roofs of their houses to get the internet.   It is one of the main disadvantages of online learning classes.

2.       Isolated Feel

In an online course, some inconvenience for students. Studying alone with just the PC and telephones as your partner can make you feel isolated. There’s no murmuring in the room, no insightful comments, no ordering nearness at the front of the homeroom arguing for everybody to tune in.  An email to a friend, your teacher, or a guide can assist you with feeling better associated if the feeling of network you look for is missing.

3.       Requires more Time

Online learning is text-based. To speak with your teacher, you should type messages, post reactions, and in any case convey messages by typing. Typing is slower than talking. In a similar sense, reading your talk materials can take additional time than listening to an educator to convey them. While sitting in a classroom, all things considered, you’ll miss a decent level of what the teacher says, regardless of how concentrated you are. Its human instinct to daydream for brief timeframes. That will affect your understandings.

4.       Technology Based

Online-based learning utilizes a lot of technologies. Bunches of them were made particularly for it and others just supplemented the studying process. There are numerous technologies that work in various ways. Such as PowerPoint, screen sharing, whiteboard, etc. It permits us to include some graphically rich and top-notch content.

It is essential to ensure whether the students are good at learning online and whether they have a suitable arrangement for online-based learning. Many students are not having phones and computers.so, it is very difficult for those students to learn online.

5.       Lack Practical Based learning

Online-based learning is theory-based and needs practice-based learning. Theoretical information refers to realities, speculations, and thinking while practical knowledge depends on hands-on tries and tasks. It can’t be transfer practical knowledge, just getting out on the field can do that.

10 Important Hacks for WordPress site and blogging

Possibly you’ve seen those individuals who get by blogging about their passion and need to join their ranks. Or then again perhaps you simply love having the option to share your considerations to individuals from around the world.

In this post, I’ll disclose to you 10 significant hacks for WordPress site and blogging.

1. PermaLink

Permalink is the full URL that you see – and use – for any post, page, or other bit of substance on your site. This may include your space name (www.straight2fact.com), called a slug, the bit of URL that comes after the area name. This can incorporate a date or a class or anything. A basic permalink makes a URL straightforward and share. In this SEO Basics article, we will investigate Permalink.

Permalinks must be SEO-accommodating. Permalinks are a significant piece of your site in light of the fact that both web indexes and guests utilize these URLs to file and view your webpage. The Permalink you pick influences the manner in which these two gatherings view and worth your site. At last, a URL with heaps of conflicting is substantially less shareable and luring than a short and straightforward SEO-accommodating URL.


WordPress is utilized to make a different varieties of sites. This is the reason each topic is focused on an alternate market.

Your WordPress theme should supplement the substance of your site. For example, if you are beginning a blog on social issues or other issues, you would need a theme that improves understadability.

Numerous WordPress subjects accompany huge amounts of customization alternatives. If not coded effectively, these choices can keep you from exchanging topics or utilizing different WordPress plugins. You will either be secured in this theme or need to pay a person to enable you to change.

On the other side, some WordPress topics that look extremely extraordinary can really make your site extraordinarily slow. Nobody loves moderate sites, particularly Google, which likes to rank quicker sites higher.

Your theme is the essence of your WordPress site and assumes a significant job in how clients, just as web crawlers, see it.

3. Quick Speed Page

Keeping your WordPress site pages loading at quick speeds requires effort and perseverance, however can without much of a stretch bring solid returns. Quicker page speeds lead to more fruitful promoting efforts and by and large increments to your conversion rates.

The best part is that WordPress has pre-built plugins and specialist organizations to assist you with accomplishing your speed optimization objectives.

A Quick webpage welcomes a higher conversion rate. You can expect a higher level of site visitors to make a buy. Furthermore, of the individuals who make a buy once, you are acquiring loyal clients who will return and make suggestions to their system.

4.  Remove Sidebar

Many layouts come with the pre-characterized choice to show a sidebar in the site/blog pages. The job of the sidebar is to show data that isn’t a part of the content of the fundamental page.

You should hide the sidebar in the site pages, or just remove it. In the first place, we should perceive any reason why it is so necessary to remove a sidebar from WordPress.

 Here’s some of the most widely recognized situations when you don’t need a sidebar to show up on your blog/site pages:

  • You would prefer not to include separate areas of content and break the understanding stream or distract people from the main substance of the pages.

  • One needs the blog pages to be clean, and have a perfect look, so clients can browse through the main substance of the article.You need the blog entry to consume the whole space of the screen, for catching complete attention of your visitor.

  •  You need to utilize valuable space that a sidebar possesses in the pages of the blog, not in every case productively.

  • The full width design is more suitable for expanding engagements and transformations, on the site or blog.

  • You should remove the blog sidebar, and make tests to what in particular blog performs best, and gets more visitors

5.  Use Image

The main reason for utilizing pictures in your blog is to build its allure and lift the occasions it is seen. There is a variety of reasons to add pictures to your blog entry. You should add a touch of improvement to your post. Pictures additionally help separate enormous lumps of text and increment blank area, making the post simpler to read. Your post will stand out and can establish the pace for the substance.

Images helps to come to a meaningful conclusion in your post. This is particularly important if you are composing an instructional blog. Studies show that pictures help to diminish confusion and increase fulfillment and trust in the reader’s understanding of instructional material. Screen captures and obviously named photos are a straightforward method to expand perception in businesses like tech or equipment.

 6. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Without a mobile-friendly site, your WordPress site may face difficulty in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) – and you could even lose customers over helpless convenience. Be that as it may, adding mobile-friendly features to your webpage may appear to be an outlandish undertaking in case you’re not a web designer.

Fortunately, there are straightforward answers for preparing your site mobile friendly without requiring any coding information! There are numerous WordPress mobile friendly plugins accessible to help outfit your site with a portable cordial interface when seen on a telephone or tablet. This is especially useful when your site’s topic hasn’t yet been enhanced for mobiles. E.g.:  WPtouch Mobile Plugin, Jetpack, Touchy etc.

7. Improve Old post/Update

Updating old blog entries is incredible for SEO. Freshness is one of the components Google’s calculation thinks about when positioning outcomes, so refreshing old blog entries and republishing them can help your rankings, driving expanded traffic to those old posts.

Be that as it may, refreshing old blog entries is useful for something other than SEO. It also makes a superior client experience.

So refreshing old blog entries drives three major advantages: higher rankings, a superior client experience, and improved outcomes with less exertion.

The one strategy we depend on to upgrade a current blog entry is to refresh the title of the post (and the title tag) to incorporate the current date.

8.  Backup your Website

Backups make a total duplicate of site records and your database every day with the goal that the site owner can re-establish their site to the state it was already.

In spite of the fact that backup return your site substance to the last backup made, any substance transferred in the middle of time will be lost. Likewise, reinforcements can’t be utilized to fix the beginning issue or keep your site from reinfection.

Reinforcements were intended to recover your framework to its last known great state, or design setting.

To maintain a strategic distance from this with your records and information, we encourage you to test your backups and ensure they function perfectly.

Follow these basic steps:

  • Utilize a test domain,

  • Open a vacant web directory,

  • Utilize your backups to recover your lost information,

  • Let your site works in online backup

9.  Disable Comment Section

The comment section is the best approach to connect with guests and construct a network on your WordPress site. But it is also a favourable place for spam, harmful connections, and once in a while self-promotional or even hostile comments. Some WordPress sites essentially simply needn’t bother with comments.

Luckily, WordPress permits clients with the Administrator job to effortlessly oversee comment section on their website, and even disable them or a few of your site pages.

 10. Proper Formatting

Probably the greatest mistake an author can make when composing an article for the web is to deal with that article belongs in a magazine, a paper, or a book.

 Whether you understand it or not, the contrast between online content and offline content is in reality entirely huge. Worrying over the nature of the composing is one thing you may be stressed over, yet the by and large “look” of your substance can make it or break it for a reader who might be attempting to choose whether or not it benefits reading.

So consider some of the factors are Subheadings, Keep It Simple, Don’t over Do It, Don’t over Link, etc. 


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10 Important Hacks for WordPress site and blogging

Possibly you've seen those individuals who get by blogging about their passion and need to join their ranks. Or then ...
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